Social Responsibility

Executive Summary
Wizdoms represents VASUDA® Group Social Responsibility Division that actively addresses some of nowadays’ biggest global challenges including education & knowledge distribution, poverty alleviation and climate change.

Wizdoms is part of the NAIK Foundation, a Charitable Trust registered in 1998 at Mumbai, India for humanitarian Services.

At VASUDA® Group we understand social responsibility not simply by donating or funding certain projects. Our approach is rather to support and encourage individuals with resources so they get inspired and utilize their talents in order to grow and become successful in their life.

We believe this is the best, literally the only, way to multiply our efforts by instigating such a chain-reaction so our intentions are spread out and carried forward in a long term self-sustainable manner.

The Four Pillars of Wizdoms

Knowledge Centers
To provide up-to-date knowledge, state-of-the-art access channels and modern work environment that comprise of :

Online Libraries via Internet; and
Physical Libraries at certain locations; and
Mobile Knowledge Units as busses, trains and ships

In the knowledge centers all relevant areas of knowledge are covered with Common/Basic/School Knowledge, Documentary Education, Culture/Tradition, Professional Life, Religion, Music, Films, Sport, Special Interest and many other more. For information presentation different transfer media including Books, Audio, Video, Digitalized Files, Software/Applications and other are supported and incorporated.

Village Development
Conceptualize, standardize, build and operate public application building including Community Halls, Social Camps and Educational Centers.

Mid-Day Meal Program
Conceptualize, standardize, set-up and operate large scale food distribution chain for under privileged.

Waste To Energy
Conceptualize, standardize, set-up and implement waste treatment and energy production plants to provide a better environment.


  Sr.No.   Institutions   Figures
  1   Schools   116
  2   School & Junior Colleges   20
  3   Colleges   2
  4   Gram Panchayat   1
  5   Public Library   16
  6   Temple   1
  7   Books Distributed   12075
  8   Students Benefitted   47995

There is an inside feeling always that our “education, profession, skills, intellect, experiences of life, wealth, and valuable time would not be worth all that if during our lifespan it is not utilized to optimum advantage beyond our selfish needs more importantly for the benefit of others / society / organization / nation / world !!

Such contributions need not correspond to monetary rewards. But, seeing something getting evolved out of “intellect” gathered during our life span for benefit of others with possible lasting legacy is what one garners at depth of our thoughts!! “

Libraries had moved towards establishing Wizdoms Units in 156 institutions in the district of Sangli, Maharashtra in the month of September 2013. Given below are the statistical details.


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