VASUDA® at a Glance

In Sanskrit “VASUDA” has the meaning of "granting wealth" and is also another name of the Earth. VASUDA® Group is also one of our first vessels in the Marine Division, a very successful work & accommodation barge that has completed many mission-critical offshore jobs and formed the foundation for our success story.

The vessel has been taken off-duty in the meantime and cleared space for newer and more versatile ones, but the wealth she has granted in the past is still present and visible in the steady growth of our Group of Companies that she has contributed so greatly to.

Nowadays VASUDA® Group is the registered umbrella brand under which we have consolidated the thinking and acting of all our corporate entities. VASUDA® Group integrates our common mission, key values, vision, but also corporate governance and social responsibility into one unified approach.

VASUDA® Group presents our entire product and service portfolio for all our core business fields in an integrated view and allows our clients to identify directly which solutions are suitable for their needs. A drill-down shows all the synergies and comprises of the following aspects:

Our Assets
Our Industries
Our Products
Our Services

VASUDA® Group provides integrated solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. All products and services are complementing each other and creating additional value.

And in the spirit of its original meaning VASUDA® Group not only stands for our entrepreneurial strength, but also encourages us in our responsibility to further emphasize on what it means: GRANTING WEALTH FOR ALL OUR EMPLOYEES, CLIENTS, PARTNERS AND FRIENDS.


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