"Wizdoms Library Project" is promoted by a registered Charitable Trust (No: E 24230, India) to establish & administer Public Libraries of Global standard Worldwide under the brand name "WIZDOMS Libraries".

Wizdoms Libraries have been conceptualized and being established as series of well-structured Libraries in an integral manner with Wizdoms Central Library taking advantage of the modern technology with a view to reach out to every segment of society giving greater emphasis to rural sector and those not so fortunate.

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Wizdoms Libraries “Vision Document” aims at providing Abundant Knowledge and Information, through Library Medium and Library Medium can also be a platform for intellectual discussions on topics which relates to Knowledge, culture and humanity.

The core objective is to offer abundant wealth of Knowledge and valuable information from its ever increasing collections which are collected from the “world arena” after years of research, data collection, travels, advise / inputs from very learned people from different nations, from archives, institutions, and from the private collections of wonderful individuals who trusted / believed in us.

Wizdoms team has been working for years on this development. It also sponsors several ‘Research based Fellowship Programs’ to enrich its own ‘Knowledge hub in order to bring best possible to Wizdoms Readers.

Wizdoms promoters have taken personal care to visit Libraries and various organizations in over 50 nations, met senior people, discussed the project, tried to understand the system in different cultural and geographical regions, and persistently strives to bring “best knowledge” to Wizdoms platform for its readers.

At Wizdoms, we carried out preliminary research in the rural interiors of India and realized that even though government has offered several programs and incentives with regard to education, awareness of several vocations, health, commercial and economic opportunities, access to the world through the availability of modern technology, etc. Yet the message did not percolate in the vast interiors as desired due to the magnitude of the social requirement, geographical isolation,lack of infrastructure, trained manpower , and practical difficulties.

Abundant Universal knowledge, that has now emerged in this world with emergence of the modern technology is also now available through various mediums. Yet, neither the knowledge nor benefits of knowledge is available or accessible to large sections of the society world over specially where people are less fortunate. If it is available, they do not know how to use it effectively, and how to be guided to reap benefit of it.

We therefore believe that by conceiving program such as “Wizdoms Library Project” and implementing it as a “Corporate Social Responsibility with the same skills and administration as a corporate house, we could contribute some more to the society, and add further value to the good efforts made by others for the people in need


  Sr.No.   Institutions   Figures
  1   Schools   116
  2   School & Junior Colleges   20
  3   Colleges   2
  4   Gram Panchayat   1
  5   Public Library   16
  6   Temple   1
  7   Books Distributed   12075
  8   Students Benefitted   47995

There is an inside feeling always that our “education, profession, skills, intellect, experiences of life, wealth, and valuable time would not be worth all that if during our lifespan it is not utilized to optimum advantage beyond our selfish needs more importantly for the benefit of others / society / organization / nation / world !!

Such contributions need not correspond to monetary rewards. But, seeing something getting evolved out of “intellect” gathered during our life span for benefit of others with possible lasting legacy is what one garners at depth of our thoughts!! “

Libraries had moved towards establishing Wizdoms Units in 156 institutions in the district of Sangli, Maharashtra in the month of September 2013. Given above are the statistical details.


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