Corporate Governance

VASUDA® Group Corporate Governance Guidelines have been elaborated to ensure compliance of all organizational activities with

the applicable jurisdiction and regulations
the moral and ethical objectives as set out in our Mission,
   Key Values and Vision
the health, safety and environment regulations and
other best-practise work directives at its best to meet
   industry standard

Objective is to ensure that all work is conducted in a safe, legal, quality-oriented, efficient and beneficiary way for our employees as well as other participants.

Key elements of our VASUDA® Group Corporate Governance comprise of:
Separation and Balance of Power
Internal Control Procedures and Internal Auditors
Integrity and Loyalty
Ethical Collaboration
Equal Opportunities
Harassment & Hostile Free Work Environment
Conflict of Interest
Disclosure and Transparency
Giving and Receiving Gifts & Other Money Equivalent Benefits
Political Activities
Discrimination, Harassment, and Personal Conduct
Use and Protection of Assets
Threats & Violence
Substance Abuse

Monitoring and control of the Corporate Governance Guidelines is ensured by both, internal and external governance controls as well as financial reporting/auditing by independent auditors.