Our Mission


Our mission is to be a leading supplier for the worldwide energy sector, the oil & gas industry and related industries. We deliver outstanding service and solutions through dedication and excellence.As a team we will achieve and preserve the sustainable growth of our organization. We will accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers while conserving resources and preserving the quality of the environment.
Vikram Naik, Chairman

Objectives of VASUDA® Group Mission are

to inspire change within our organization
to be long-term in nature and to persist for generations
to define VASUDA® Group as platform for the benefit of all

Why is this so important for us?

Our mission statement defines the core purpose of our organization and it is our clear commitment towards a beneficial and sustainable existence to all our employees, clients, partners and friends.

VASUDA® Group provides a high-end products & service portfolio for the worldwide energy sector. In this context we aim to stay ahead of the market and act as global player serving global clients. This approach allows us to make use of multiple opportunities in the global economy to the benefit of our customers and allows us also to gain the related recognition for our team. Our mission reflects our employee’s motivations for engaging in the company’s work. It is important for every VASUDA® Group member to ensure the financial basis for our future ideas & efforts. In return we provide security and quality of life to our staff and we conduct extensive R&D to ensure future competitiveness for our products & services, with one simple goal…to ensure sustainability, diversification and growth for the entire organization.


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In Sanskrit “VASUDA” has the meaning of "granting wealth" and is also another name of the Earth. VASUDA® is also one of our first vessels in the Marine Division, a very successful work & accommodation barge that has completed many mission-critical offshore jobs and formed the foundation for our success story.

Backed-up by a strong asset base the VASUDA® Group product & service portfolio is designed in an integrated value chain approach to exploit synergies and provide additional benefits to all our clients.

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