VASUDA® considers Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental protection and conservation to be of paramount importance in the execution of its manufacturing and service operations in line with the requirements of ISO Standards 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007

Accordingly, it will conduct its activities in such a manner as to
 Meeting all the requirements and targets agreed with our
   precious clients.
Take into account the occupational health and safety of all
   its employees, contractors and suppliers, as well as
   customers and other third parties, who may be affected by
   any of its wide-ranging operations.
Prevent pollution and protect the environment, always
   ensuring that the environmental effects of any of the
   Company’s activities are reduced to the minimum
   reasonably practicable.
Continually strive to avoid waste in all areas, to recover and
   re-use certain materials, as applicable, and to utilize any
   available natural resources as feasible.
Comply with the local and Federal laws and statutes of the
   UAE, and other applicable International Laws and
   requirements of third party countries, as applicable, as they
   specifically relate to the Company and, in addition, to
   endeavor to apply more stringency whenever/wherever

In achieving our HSE commitment, VASUDA® firmly believes
In giving effect to this policy, there will be ongoing and
   continual development and improvement in the standard
   of the Company’s Occupational Health and Safety,
   as well as its protection of the Environment.
Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental concerns are
   at the top of the priority for us and an integral part
   of our operations.

A safe people and working environment is a sign of quality.
 Production is only important if we have safe operations.
 All accidents can be prevented, and therefore we have a
   zero tolerance towards unsafe behavior and attitudes. 
Our target is double zero means zero accidents and zero
   near miss incidents.
A good safety record is a competitive asset that signifies an
   efficient operation.


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