We make sure that our obligation for the welfare of employees is extended at highest level to ensure that our employees are contented, productive and can truly concentrate on their daily tasks.

In achieving these, VASUDA® undertakes the following;

Eliminate hazards that affect high-quality working conditions.
Prevention of work-related illnesses, and the promotion of
   occupational health.
Regular check-up and encouragement of sharing    their
Implementing health programs that monitor their physical
   and psychological capacity that affects their job.
Training of our employees on health related topics that save
   and protect themselves and others.

In support to our occupational health program, our HSE Department conducts the following activities:

Training on Basic Life Support.
Occupational Health Risk Assessments and Ergonomics.
Awareness on Exposures to Industrial Hazards (chemical,
   physical, biological, heat stress, radiation etc).
Potential health effects of the work environment 
   (environmental health).
Health Awareness information campaign.


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