Backed-up by a strong asset base the VASUDA® Group product & service portfolio is designed in an integrated value chain approach to exploit synergies and provide additional benefits to all our clients.

Our products & services have been evolved out of our decade’s long engagement in various mission critical projects, whereby we strictly follow a vertical business approach. VASUDA® is proud to offer highly specialized and technically outstanding goods and related services that are specifically tailored to the needs of our core industries. This approach ensures that we focus on our core competences and stay ahead of the market with a clear competitive edge for our clients.

Take a look on our entire business scope that we present you in respect of our Assets, the Industries we serve and the Products and Services we provide.

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Our Clients

Customer Satisfaction and Service Excellence are the main objectives we build our long term relationships on.

Our Projects

VASUDA® Group has built an excellent track record in conducting critical onshore & offshore projects.