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Our Assets mainly consist of Fleet of Specialized Vessels, Steel Fabrication Yards & Workshops, Specialized Workforces & Specialized Capital Equipments.

VASUDA® Group Marine division was established in 1990 initially as a commercial diving company for Offshore Oil & Gas operations. During the 90’s various diving assignments were conducted for about 400 ships, 40 jack up rigs and more than 50 production platforms.

In parallel the business activities were expanded into direct adjacent areas and the start for building up a self-owned fleet of highly specialized vessels and barges for the offshore industry was initiated. Since ever then the fleet has been developed and further expanded.  

It has now grown to take lead in Marine & Diving activities with an extremely well organized infrastructure having worked in about 15 countries for primarily Offshore Oil & Gas industry by building in-house strong asset base comprising of specialized capital equipments, dive spreads and vessels such as work & accommodation barges, tugs, supply vessels, multicat etc. as per international oilfield standards.


For the manufacturing and construction industry VASUDA® Group owns and operates several High-End Steel Fabrication Yards & Workshops with headquarters in Dubai, U.A.E. for the ME-Region and Aktau, Kazakhstan for the CIS-Region. Our core competences include pressure equipment, marine fabrication & repair and modularized systems.

Main asset of the entire VASUDA® Group is our Specialized Workforce. We are proud to employ a multi-national team comprising of professionals from more than 20 nationalities.

Below you find an excerpt of VASUDA®  Group major skill & qualifications categories:

VASUDA® Group owns and provides a wide range of Specialized Capital Equipment that is used for onshore/offshore construction and maintenance works. For underwater works including deep sea commercial diving, we provide and operates diving spreads which includes Mixed Gas Dive Spreads, NDT Dive Spreads, Launch & Recovery Systems (as per IMCA standards), Hyperbaric Chambers and Saturation Diving Equipment.

Below you find an excerpt of  major capital equipment categories of VASUDA® Group


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In Sanskrit “VASUDA” has the meaning of "granting wealth" and is also another name of the Earth. VASUDA® is also one of our first vessels in the Marine Division, a very successful work & accommodation barge that has completed many mission-critical offshore jobs and formed the foundation for our success story.

Backed-up by a strong asset base the VASUDA® Group product & service portfolio is designed in an integrated value chain approach to exploit synergies and provide additional benefits to all our clients.

VASUDA® is happy to share the latest news and announcements.

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